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Error: Failed resetting Direct3D device objects
by David     [ 14 September 2008 - 5:56 am ]
version 1.1 of BD.
I installed it at work with no prob. But at home, I get this error....
"Failed resetting Direct3D device objects"
What do I need to do?
by Aidan    [ 14 September 2008 - 6:00 am ]
It is always a good idea to have the latest DirectX installed from microsoft:


It is also advisable to ensure you have the latest graphics drivers for your video card installed. You can see what graphics drivers are on your system by pressing Start Menu, then selecting the following: Settings, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, Display Adapters, (Select an adapter), Properties.

Some web sites for graphics cards are:

3Dlabs - http://www.3dlabs.com/
Asus - http://www.asus.com/
ATI - http://support.atitech.com/
Aztech Labs - http://www.aztechlabs.com/
Canopus - http://www.canopuscorp.com/
Creative Labs - http://www.creativelabs.com/
Diamond Multimedia - http://www.diamondmm.com
Elsa Technology - http://www.elsa.de/
Guillemot - http://www.guillemot.com/
Hercules (see Guillemot) - http://www.guillemot.com/
I/O Magic - http://www.iomagic.com/
Jaton - http://www.jaton.com/
Leadtek - http://www.leadtek.com/
Matrox - http://www.matrox.com/
nVidia - http://www.nvidia.com/
Orchid (see Diamond MM) - http://www.diamondmm.com/
SiS - http://www.sis.com.tw/
Turtle Beach - www.turtlebeach.com
VIA Technologies - http://www.viatech.com/
VideoLogic - http://www.videologic.com/

Try running in the following resolutions:
... 1) 640x480x16
... 2) 640x480x32
... 3) 800x600x16
... 4) 800x600x32
... 5) Windowed Mode

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