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A crash when submitting high scores
by Moore     [ 31 August 2008 - 3:44 am ]
Whenever I try to submit a high score, the game crashes.
Mac OS 10.5.4 (PPC)
by Jur4ik    [ 12 September 2008 - 3:32 pm ]
10.5.4 no problems submiting Highscores.
maybe a new installation would help
by BugLord    [ 12 September 2008 - 3:35 pm ]
Everytime when submitting highscores mine crashes too.

10.4.11 PPC
by Lee Alex    [ 15 September 2008 - 3:54 pm ]
Has anyone fixed the High score bug? I beat the highest score by a large margin and I'm a Mac User.
by Aidan    [ 15 September 2008 - 4:00 pm ]
Not yet - for the next version. I'll post here when its ready. Don't ask when please (backlogged).
by Graeme    [ 30 November 2009 - 4:17 am ]
Sorry for digging up an old thread but I'm having this problem too. Running OSX 10.6.1 (Intel) so perhaps not the same issue.

Despite managing to submit a score for garden 3 the other day now each time I try and submit a score the game crashes. I could send the crash report if it would help.
by Graeme    [ 30 November 2009 - 4:17 am ]
In addition to my previous post. Adding scores for Gardens 1 and 3 work fine but 2 and 4 cause the crash. Seems odd but hopefully that should help locate the problem.

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