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by :..X..:
Jun 08, 2016
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: leaving the game early
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Re: leaving the game early

I totally agree with Dean6417, it seems to be happening more frequently (leave the game immediately once they have played the last card), it's happened to me twice over the last few days, the players in question were Voodoo and Paola P, I hope there is a severe penalty for this.
by :..X..:
Jun 27, 2014
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: I can not get on line
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Re: I can not get on line

Log entries for GrassGames' Hearts version 2.62 [Mac OS X, 27/06/2014 18:58] 0.00 | ------------------------------------------------------ 0.00 | Program: GrassGames' Hearts 0.00 | Arch: Mac OSX 0x1093 Intel 0.00 | Date: 27/06/2014 18:55 0.00 | Versions: 2.620, 2.600, 2.000 (Rest of logs removed by ...