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by Tom Fittante
Jul 24, 2018
Forum: GrassGames' Cribbage
Topic: win / lose points n -
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win / lose points n -

a win should be 2 points and a loss the same - 4 points for a skunk - if I loose to a lower rank I loose 4 - 6 points - if I win over lower rank it is 1 point - therefore only play a higher rank to keep up
by Tom Fittante
Sep 15, 2017
Forum: GrassGames' Cribbage
Topic: punishment
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it does not help to criticize grass games about their cribbage set up - ever since I done that my luck has been no good - are you punishing me for the truth as I see it - criticism helps you to have a better product -
by Tom Fittante
Jan 21, 2016
Forum: GrassGames' Cribbage
Topic: bad program
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bad program

why is it that new players get the best hands game after game and those who have been playing a long time are being used to teach these players and to make them look good - this program is unfair - when I play long time players it seems to be fair