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by SpanishKate
Feb 19, 2019
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Plea for HELP from Aidan
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Re: Plea for HELP from Aidan

Thanks for your support Cool. I'm not sure what I could use your spare 2 inch, reinforced truss for but i will think of something. I will certainly treasure it and think of you when I'm back to playing Hearts with you again ........ if Aidan can find it in his own heart to help an old lady (well old...
by SpanishKate
Dec 31, 2017
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Barry S , onapar = quitter when host. Warning!
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Re: Barry S , onapar = quitter when host. Warning!

I agree with Marek, a pity that the host quit a bit early. Could be seen as unintentional if this was the case. However there are too many occasions when this happens. If Jfgators contacts Aidan I would support his claim. I detest cheats in any shape or form. I have had my new hub reboot during a re...
by SpanishKate
Mar 24, 2016
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: A.I. players not playing
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A.I. players not playing

Having problem against A.I. Game starts, pass 3 cards into middle but game freezes then. Had same problem a few day ago when in Florida. Don't remember what I did to make it work at that time. Haven't gone competitive in case it freezes after starting, unfair to other players (as well as myself).