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by jbruch
Mar 21, 2020
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: pa this time.......
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Re: pa this time.......

Was in a game with Pa today even though I had seen this post. Myself and the other 2 players were actually happy when he quit our game and was replaced by a BOT. The BOT was more effective at chasing low than Pa who had earlier let someone easily moon and take a commanding lead. Even Mathteacher who...
by jbruch
Sep 26, 2019
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Rankings calculation update (Sept 2019)
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Re: Rankings calculation update (Sept 2019)

Aidan, The problem is not solved and for players new to the game it is only getting worse as the top scores increase. I don't understand what was wrong with the previous scoring system where it seemed scores could only go to a certain level. I recall that 1650 was a pretty good score and your score ...
by jbruch
Aug 24, 2019
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Scoring
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There was a string on scoring started by Aidan and it is now gone but I hope it is not too late for input. I don't support Naisaylam proposal. If a player wins at a 20% rate and plays more than 2X a player that wins at 40% they would have a higher level so that system rewards players for how frequen...
by jbruch
Feb 21, 2019
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Kirkwood got his feelings hurt and quit
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Re: Kirkwood got his feelings hurt and quit

I never got around to posting my Kirkwood quitting story but I guess with all these posts I should share it. I have previously posted about his whining but did start playing with him again and was actually surprised that he no longer whined, at least when I was in the game. Was playing with Kirkwood...
by jbruch
Oct 06, 2018
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: scoring and the slow death of this site
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scoring and the slow death of this site

I have been a player on this site for 2.5 years. Scoring was modified about 2 years ago to the current system where the top score continues to go up. I believe there is one inadvertent negative impact of this change. Players are reluctant to play with another player that has an unusually low score a...
by jbruch
Apr 28, 2018
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Kirkwood
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Don't visit the forum much but noticed some posts about Kirkwood. I think it will be hard to beat mine. In a game with Lukeyhob, HowCoolisThat and Kirkwood. HowCoolisThat moons as he has no heart. Kirkwood goes off about how could someone not pass a heart and it was directed at me but that is not th...
by jbruch
Apr 07, 2016
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Quitting
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Had a situation in a game this morning where I had 77 points and my nearest competitor had 92 and the others 97 and 99. I took a point which insured that there would be no moon so if I don't take queen of spades I win. Without spades being played another competitor gave the queen of spades to someon...