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by Voodoo
Feb 11, 2019
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Two quitters and one abuser-
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Two quitters and one abuser-

Played in a game today with Verde, Wiley Coyote, and Iggytackle. It was not a pleasant game. Early talking back & forth between Verde and Iggytackle. Nothing crazy, but you could tell they weren't fond of each other. As the game progressed, Iggy felt Verde was targeting him with the Queen of Spa...
by Voodoo
Jan 13, 2018
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: GIOIA & Mauro
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GIOIA & Mauro

I believe these two are cheaters when playing together. Just thought I'd explain what happened and you guys can come to your own conclusion. Just finished a game with those two and Scouser. Scouser was high in points around 50-60. I had a score in the 30s and so did Mauro. GIOIA was easily the low p...

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