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by kirkwoodcruiser
Aug 09, 2020
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: leaving before winner could be announced
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Re: leaving before winner could be announced

irony doesn't even begin to describe the response to onapar---the biggest hypocrite on this site. my heart bleeds for you onapar--how dare someone not bow down and pay the props to you---I am appalled
by kirkwoodcruiser
May 16, 2020
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Alar Penalized
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Alar Penalized

I was in a game with Alar today, and he mentioned that he was penalized 50 points and banned for a day yesterday when he lost his internet connection. I was not in the game, but I have played at least 100 games with Alar without incident. He is one of the best sportsmen on this board: never complain...
by kirkwoodcruiser
Dec 09, 2019
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: Farfie is a quitter
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Re: Farfie is a quitter

Farfie is one of the most polite and courteous players in this game. I have played probably 100 games with her, not only without incident, but almost always I have found her to be competitive and respectful of the other players. I find it hard to believe that she would quit.