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by Dean6417
Feb 28, 2015
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: upgrade to 2.75 and the difficulty finding how.
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upgrade to 2.75 and the difficulty finding how.

:? Aidan, just recently, the last 4 days,iam constantly being disconnected from the game.vMy friends tell me there may be a problem with my system 2.73 and i need to upgrade tp 2.75.I just cannot find anywhere that I can do this. I have been to home page ; apple app store; and here, but can't find t...
by Dean6417
Nov 23, 2014
Forum: GrassGames' Hearts
Topic: system changes
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system changes

Aiden, this game has the potential to be an excellent game in which genuine competitors have the opportunity to play to their skill level with a little bit of luck thrown in.However Aiden, you insist on "tinkering" with the game and as a result we have problems with the dealing of cards:in...

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