Solitaire 3D will not run inder iOS4

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Solitaire 3D will not run inder iOS4

Postby jpile » Jul 21, 2010

Solitaire 3d will not run since I upgraded to iOS4.0. The program loads, but when it gets to the select player page, it crashes every time. I have tried resetting my iPhone. I have tried deleting the program from my iPhone and reloading it from the Apps Store. It still won't run.

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Re: Solitaire 3D will not run inder iOS4

Postby Aidan » Jul 22, 2010

It works fine for me on a iPod Touch 3rd Gen running iOS4.0 (not checked with 4.01 or 4.1 as they are not for the iPod Touch apparently).

However I haven't tried it on an iPhone 4.

What device do you get the problem on?

People with similar problems please post here the devices and the exact version of iOS 4 they are using.

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