Unable to fill in username and pass login

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Unable to fill in username and pass login

Postby stonepine » Mar 06, 2018

Sorry - the app on iPad works perfectly, but on iPhone I can‘t even fill in the field username to pass. The lite-version offers an own keyboard to sign in, what the full version doesn’t have.
iPhone 8 Version 11.2.6 (15D100)
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Re: Unable to fill in username and pass login

Postby tmno2 » Mar 14, 2018

Hi stone pine.

I totally agree with you that the iPad version of “ Solitaire 3D “ is easier to cope with than the iPhone version.

The version of “ Solitaire 3D” I use on the iPhone X is V6.74.3 of 2017 while iOS operating system is 11.2.6 ( 15D100 ) the same as yours.

You will see from an earlier post somewhere in here, I remarked on the confusing difference in button locations between the iPad, more frequently used to play, and the iPhone which using my previous 4S iPhone was practically impossible.

It took me quite a while to become used to the different button locationseven even after I got my iPhone X.

If you add “ Intelligence” to your games list, and then pull up the scoreboard, you will see that all is not lost, and what you wish to do can be done.

Intelligence is my favorite game and I have some fairly stiff competition trying to maintain a leading position within the players.

One advantage I have, is that living in Sydney, Australia. Then as my location is early on the new dateline I can get my scores up and running well before my opponents come on line. That gives them a scoreboard that they then have to catch up with.

Check my other posts within this Solitaire 3D forum to give you a little history of experiences thus far gained.

You will find that AIDAN the game’s developer will be interested also in your experience.


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