Leader Board Screws Up Every Weekend

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Leader Board Screws Up Every Weekend

Postby metaphorce » Oct 08, 2012

Every weekend, the LeaderBoard tells me that my score is too low to post for the Week board, and displays the minimum score needed to get on the Year board as the reason.

Example: It's a new week, I score 4997 in Forty Thieves Easier, and the leader board says the minimum for the board is 5018, even though there are other players on the board with scores like 4300. 5018 is the minimum score to get on the Year board.

I don't know why it's accepting other people's scores, but not mine. After few days, it suddenly changes its mind and allows me to submit again. Sometimes it only takes 24 hours (that is, until Sunday night in California). This week, it's still not allowing me to submit in the middle of Monday This has been going on for months.

Can't you fix this?

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Re: Leader Board Screws Up Every Weekend

Postby Aidan » Apr 09, 2013

Try selecting (if you haven't already) the week tab before submitting. Also try submitting two times in a row.

That's all I can suggest at the moment, sorry.

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