FathersDay Abuse

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FathersDay Abuse

Post by SunnyCorner »

After more lies and abuse from FathersDay...

Just for the record and to avoid any further discussion about the matter - I do not and will not under any circumstances play the abusive FathersDay. He's been abusive about me (and others) for years but does not seem able to accept any responsibility for what he's done, and continually accuses me of selfishness and blocking games. This is a side-effect, but its not intentional and I'd really much rather be involved in a game - but not with him!
My stance has been consistent for a number of years and I firmly believe the only way to stop abuse is to not play with abusers! Some of them have learned and reformed but FathersDay seems incapable of learning anything.
Regards to all. Ice

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Re: FathersDay Abuse

Post by Dean6417 »

In response to your post on Father's Day, I concur 100%.
The abuse came out of the blue towards me during a game ,the term "sub-human" was used and i strongly object to that as the Nazis and dictators from time immemorial have used that term to justify the murder of millions.
Now I don't fear "Scott"-aka Father's day, but I do not appreciate his regular inane rants and filth directed at myself and You Iceman in the lobby.
I could name others that have "come out of the blue" Heartbeaker, BarryS, Liz, Fairlie, Onapar,and Alar.
Personally, these people mean nothing to me,(how could they?I don't know them ) but this is a game without money being risked, and a meaningless ranking system which simply indicates who has the most time on their hands, so what psychological problems do they have that they have to abuse anonymously in order to make themselves "righteous"? don't know, don't care.
The Trolls, those mentioned, need to take a good hard look at themselves and start thinking about getting a few manners.
Iceman, again I appreciate your courage, and where I don't always agree with you, I applaud your character.
Cheers Deano

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Re: FathersDay Abuse

Post by HowCoolIsThat »

Like others, I find FathersDay quite annoying. He has a long habit of quitting in games where he is losing only to feign innocence "my Internet went down" and magically, within mere seconds of leaving a game, he reappears in the lobby pretending to apologize - how predictable, how telling. As the old saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." The best lessons learned are the simple ones...quit playing with the guy.

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