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leaving the game early

Posted: Apr 29, 2016
by Dean6417
This is an answer to Lee Hsilop and a game we played at 2040 Australian Eastern time.
You and I were the only ones left on the board Lee and you had been declared the winner.
Apolon did have the decency to finish the game but exited the second he/she played the last card, then oldpete left as well,leaving the notification that the computer would play for the two of them.
As i said, you had been the declared the winner and i have been left there for minutes before wondering what the hell was going on.Had nothing to do with aborting the game, it is a glitch in the system.

Re: leaving the game early

Posted: Jun 08, 2016
by :..X..:
I totally agree with Dean6417, it seems to be happening more frequently (leave the game immediately once they have played the last card), it's happened to me twice over the last few days, the players in question were Voodoo and Paola P, I hope there is a severe penalty for this.

Re: leaving the game early

Posted: Jun 13, 2016
by Sioux1956
I was playing tonight around 10pm mountain time in the USA. Paola P was one of the players. I won the game and was awarded points. A few minutes later I tried to get back on line, had trouble, finally got online and had a message I was banned for 1 day and my ranking had fallen 50 points. Ridiculous!!! I just won the game, why would I quit....I don't quit when I am losing. I don't like quitters. Are the losing players pulling some trick to penalize the winners. I hope this is fixed immediately.

Re: leaving the game early

Posted: Jun 13, 2016
by Dean6417
Sympathies Sioux, the glitches including this one, the distribution of cards and the readmission of the cheats like Aristo,Redandblack(aka E-Z) Django etc. have not been fixed.
The Cheaters don't care about the points lost for quitting,they have multiple aliases and there are times i think the game is against 1 person only not three as it appears.
Watch how slow some of the responses are to moves, always from the same players, and then watch the actual move itself; they don't make sense.Inevitably the player doing nothing in the game wins simply because one or the other of the players have orchestrated it and it is yet another of their aliases.
Quitting? who cares to these people,they are born cheats and have genuine personality problems;character flaws if you like.

So good luck getting your points back and stand by for more grief.

P.S. watch the haters come out now,amazing how the perpetrators become the victim.