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unfriendly play from Roger 56

Posted: Jul 20, 2016
by Bulldog
I don't normally make remarks concerning other players' actions, in fact this is the first time doing so, but I was so annoyed this afternoon, that, for the benefit of future potential "victims", and my own frustration, I thought it necessary to formally record the utterly unacceptable conduct of a fellow gamer.

Heartslady, Roger56, Yoda and myself were halfway through an enjoyable and competitive game with myself lowest by 1 point below Roger56. On my second lead through Heartslady and Roger56, Yoda dropped the Queen on Roger56, who immediately took exception to the fact that he could have given her to me the previous lead, but for whatever reason chose not to. He was clearly upset, but instead of getting on with the game (it is a game after all) he continued to remonstrate with Yoda demanding a reason for his action. Yoda explained that I was only low by 1 point but it didn't appease Roger56 at all, and he began a go slow response by taking the maximum time (without being timed out) to play each subsequent card.

This went on through to the following hand, and although I tried to reason with Roger56 and asked him to just finish the game sensibly, he said that because he felt so aggrieved at Yoda's action he wanted it to be a long and painful end for us all. We had little choice therefore other than to agree to end the game.

I recount this unfortunate incident as a warning to fellow players - beware of being Rogered if you give him the Queen.

Re: unfriendly play from Roger 56

Posted: Aug 17, 2016
by tcalvs
I just want to support Bulldog with what he is saying. Not that there necessarily can be something done about a fella like this, but that we have a voice. We are all out here to play for fun not win anything and childish behavior like this can ruin it for all involved.
Thank you Bulldog you are a stand up gentleman and frankly quite surprised that this particular gentleman if you want to call him that resisted common sense. Hope to you see you out there

Re: unfriendly play from Roger 56

Posted: Aug 18, 2016
by SunnyCorner
It doesn't surprise me one bit. Roger 56 is also Bobo24 and shakirafan and as we know from these multiple namers their only motivation is to cheat, decieve and abuse other players. There really is only one way to deal with it and thats to not not play with them. Regards to all. Iceman

Re: unfriendly play from Roger 56

Posted: Aug 19, 2016
by billy
Extremely well written and explained. Not only a good player and a gentleman, but a scholar too. It reminded me of an incident a few months ago where I was in my usual position of 3rd and I gave the Q to the person who was 2nd, who was only 1 point behind. I was called all the names under the sun and was repeatedly asked to explain why I hadn't dumped on low To my mind if someone's on 8 and someones on 9, they're both low and why would i want to risk holding on to her and getting caught. He went into abuse mode, saying he wasn't low. I assumed he'd been a hairdresser all his working life. Certainly good at splitting hairs ! lol. As for Roger, Bobo etc they have identical attitudes and plenty of arrogance. Bobo once said he/she/Roger didn't mind playing and losing to us lesser mortals as she was protected from the big lead they held on the leaderboard. Roger once said how easy it was after a game he won. As every decent player accepts on here, there is a certain amount of skill and a good deal of luck. Certainly Bulldog and a few others have the skill and I've been known to win now and again, so there's the living proof of the luck element.
I agree that it's best just not to play with them. Nice also to hear from you Iceman, where have you been lately ! Billy

Re: unfriendly play from Roger 56

Posted: Aug 25, 2016
by Bulldog
Just a quick line to thank you honest gamers for your support and comments. I was not aware of Roger 56's multiple aliases, but now, thanks to Iceman's continued (and very welcome) detective work, I, and others, can avoid any further "Roger;Bobo;Shakirafan" experiences in the future - unfortunately there are far too many sad people like him on this site, but they won't spoil the enjoyment we genuine players derive from this very sociable game.
Look forward to competing with you guys again very soon. Bulldog