Abuse from MIJ

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Abuse from MIJ

Postby Nemesis » Oct 01, 2016

I'm getting a lot of abuse from a player called MIJ who seems to think I'm a player called iceman and that I have multiple identities. I am not iceman - I do not know iceman - I don't think I've ever played with him. I played on here a few years ago and have recently returned and its disappointing that this is still going on particularly from players who don't appear to be registered? I've searched the forum and found others who have complained about MIJ and abuse and its about time something was done to regulate them. Nem

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Re: Abuse from MIJ

Postby SunnyCorner » Oct 04, 2016

I'm pleased to confirm that Nemesis in not me - he's not even English!!!! I've had a lot of abuse from MIJ he/she was very supportive of the abuse from aristo before Aidan sorted him out - all very juvenile (icemean etc) and all rather tedious. Regards to all (the one and only) Ice

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