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Postby Dean6417 » Dec 10, 2016

Hi Aidan, just wondering what the protocols are and the ranking system when one is away for an extended period of time.
I will be away fro about 4 weeks from tomorrow ,11/12/16 to mid Jan 17.
Cheers to all who read this and merry Christmas to you and yours.

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Re: absent

Postby billy » Dec 13, 2016

Hi Dean,
As far as I know you'll be ok for 14 days and then you lose a point each day after for not playing. Think that's how it panned out for me. Not sure what Aidan's up to. I have 3 mails unanswered along with 3 forwards to him from the accounts dept, where of course they're not allowed to give any help and you have to go through the developer !! Taken me longer than most to realise how really bad the set up is and the lack of decency in not replying after 4 weeks, from the powers to be. Marekjoz made a comment about just taking your money and caring about little else. When these things happen you tend to agree.
Hopefully you'll get your reply, and hopefully me too, but probably after you start losing points, but I think you can take my assessment with a fair degree of accuracy.
Quite honestly, I think it's out of order that you would even consider going away and neglect playing, lol
In the meantime I wish you and those others who read this, and you Aidan, a merry xmas and a happy and healthy 2017

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Re: absent

Postby rocketron66 » Dec 14, 2016

Oh so true Bill best wishes Rocket

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Re: Billy

Postby Dean6417 » Dec 31, 2016

Hi ya mate, back again now and had a couple of wins .The break must have done me good.
I think i did lose a few points but nothing too severe.
To you and RocketRon and to your families thank you for the best wishes over xmas and the new year and my sentiments right back at you and yours.
Cheers all and have a safe New year.

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