Playing with Aristo or not?

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Playing with Aristo or not?

Postby marekjoz » Dec 10, 2016

Recently many players ask me about Aristo’s case and what was wrong in using multiple names here. An explanation is rather simple and I thought I would write it here once for good as explaining it in Lobby takes more time every time.

So why should we take care about players we play with?
First of all the single game here takes usually about half an hour. As quitting or leaving the game is not appreciated in any kind, once you start a game you are stuck with the team for about 30 minutes. No matter if you like it or not.

So the community here does not consist here of thousands of people. It is rather a few hundred of players, so after a few months you recognise nearly all the people, though new players appear quite often. Players here are not anonymous. They have their names so others can recognise them and identify. Why? Because after some time you choose more wisely with whom you play or not. In example if someone abuses you during play, you can choose not to play with that person next time. If enjoy a conversation with the other, you can choose this player in advance of others. This may be also the reason why people and players here are rather good and try not abuse others, although classic „road rage” cases happen quite often. Unfortunately there are people who chose to be trolls, are bad in nature or find Internet as a place for their personal revenge.

So summarising the above - what happens when a player is abusive in any possible kind and later changes his/her name so others cannot identify him? He simply uses this method to follow his habits - abusing other players and ruining games without „social penalty” like exclusion.

Aristo is an author of any possible abuse here:
- he used totally inappropriate language after having received a queen of spades to the end of the game addressing bad words to a particular player
- he used to quit a numerous times a game just after he received a queen
- he purposely slowed down a game using a maximum time for a card play to punish players for receiving a queen
- he purposely played against one particular player so the player would lose a game
- he started new accounts with names similar to a few players here to ruin their reputation in games with other players, so other players thought they were playing with someone else than in reality with Aristo’s clone

Now, after such behaviour he started to hide himself under new different names to hide his identity. I have confirmed him to use more than 25 different names. Later he was lying about reasons why he did it.

Of course this is a pure choice of every player who he plays with or not. However I strongly believe, that the fun we have in this game may be easy ruined by such people like Aristo.

Agreeing to play with him is like indulging his past behaviour. I was abused by him again a few months ago, when i agreed to play with him again, when he used his new account name, so I could not recognise him before starting a game.

Currently he uses three names: Big Aristo, Kelderman and Tartuffo.

In my opinion, there is no need to use more than one name here, When you start in a tournament, you have no option to be identified as two different people and do not have two chances.

Ask yourself why would you need to have more than one name/identity here?

I hope it helps. Any comments and discussion highly appreciated.


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Re: Playing with Aristo or not?

Postby Dean6417 » Dec 10, 2016

I agree with Marekjoz here.
Anybody who has followed my posts and posts by the above as well as Iceman , Billy, etc over the past couple of years know that we have been the brunt of the "cloning" the above writer refers to.
Aristo likes to reproduce the original player's name and Country of origin flag.
For example my playing name is Dean6417, he will use Dean6147 etc and use the Australian flag.Yeschef, Granpa lewis,Barley and Holar (all the same player-not Aristo) did the same.
During the cloning games, and might i add, the latter has stolen photos from my Facebook page and used them here,they abuse other players,very foul language, they cheat (see what Marek had to say) and they quit.The players think it is me, or whomever they are cloning at the time, I come in for a game and am abused by strangers in the lobby.

To be fair to Aidan, he has banned barley from the site and removed quite a few of Aristo's aliases, but why he still allows him to play is beyond me.
Finally, in support of Marekjoz, we all don't "love" each other and in many cases we don't like each other and choose not to play with each other,but must of us won't abuse (and i mean abuse,not express disapproval or question a stupid move- has happened to me-) another player with absolute filth and personal insults.

So I would like to throw my support for what Marek' has written,and trust me,we don't love each other, and i do it for the sake of the game.

Iam gone for a couple of weeks, so i wish every player that is a regular partner, Merry Christmas and happy new year.
Cheers Dean6417

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Re: Playing with Aristo or not?

Postby rocketron66 » Dec 14, 2016

Best wishes Deano to you and yours from the Rocket

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