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Its Only a Game.......

Posted: Dec 27, 2016
by SunnyCorner
Its only game......
This is self evidently true but there's a problem. The statement can apply to all games, football, tennis, golf and cards. People generally want to be good at games and aspire to do well, ranging from children in the playground to professionals at the top of their game. You might not care too much about the score when you first start out, indeed you might never aspire to any great level and that is your choice. However, you might want to get better and raise your standard and subsequently your score.
Wherever you are on this spectrum no player(s) will appreciate someone else spoiling their game by stupid play or foolish behaviour. It makes matters much worse when this is explained away by the comment, “its only a game!”
Our game of Hearts is compounded by the mixing of the abilities of the players. We've tried to have categories – competitive or casual – no one ever went for the casual game and the conflicts continue. Could I suggest Aidan that players have the option of choosing themselves and displaying next to their name whether they are a competitive or a casual player? We can at least then choose who we play with and know what to expect and those of us that want a competitive game can expect not to have it ruined by someone who doesn't care.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your standard and subsequently your score even if its, “only a game” to you. Most good players do not mind losing to good play – it is after all – only a game.
Regards to all. Ice

Re: Its Only a Game.......

Posted: Jan 08, 2017
by unsain
It's simply a matter of being sportsmanlike and courteous. It can be difficult playing with those of different skill levels, but we have all had to go through a learning process. If we are going to make comments about how a player is playing, let's do it in a civil manner. If that doesn't work, we can simply not play with this person for a while. There is NO EXCUSE for those that berate others and worse. And remember, these comments tell us more about the person making these comments than who the comments are directed to. It's just a game!

Re: Its Only a Game.......

Posted: Feb 07, 2017
by cenalex67
I'm agree with Unsain. But there are some players playing with the only purpose to not reach the last position (4th). That style ruins the spirit of the match. Sorry for my English.
Regards to all
Alex (Cenalex67)

Re: Its Only a Game.......

Posted: Feb 10, 2017
by sirus
I agree very little with ice on most things. In my opinion and that of others he can be condescending and arrogant. However, on this issue he's my twin and i echo his sentiments 100 percent. Ironically, its this reason why i refuse to agree to end a game per ice request because that day i had a nice lead on him, rocket and some one else. Prior to that game i had lost several games and my competitive nature was very aggressive on seizing the opportunity to finally win a game. I felt that rocket was using ice desire to end (allegedly for domestic reasons) the game and thereby avoid losing points which undermines good sportsmanship. Hearts social etiquette and the established norm was that to end a game would be left to the discretion of the low man (since he has the most to lose) or the host. During that game i was both. So one can understand my position (many agreed with my position) with respects to ice character judgments levied my way. it is only a game and as such, skilled and prideful players reserves the right to play with those who complement their game values. SIRUS X

Re: Its Only a Game.......

Posted: Feb 10, 2017
by SunnyCorner
Well Sirus that made me laugh out loud for sure – you say you don't agree with most of the things I say – but most of the things I say are about exposing liars frauds and cheats! You are presumably happy with them are you – I wonder why!

However, lets leave that aside. You've responded to an item (Its Only a Game) which you seem to think I wrote after the incident when you wouldn't agree to let me leave. Unfortunately (for you) I wrote that item at least 4 weeks before that happened.

The practice of refusing a players request to leave is a very sad development in the game. Aidan built that option in recognising that from time to time things happen and a player has to leave. The option is there to prevent quitting and its a sensible approach to dealing with issues. There are many players who have NEVER quit a game and they do not want to let others down by doing so. I guess from time to time unscrupulous players will try to leave because they are losing but in my experience these incidents are very few and far between and a player that did it often would quickly be identified.

It is arrogant in the extreme to presume that because someone makes that request its because you think they are losing. To insist that they quit is both arrogant and as dumb as it gets – by what right do you think you have to prevent someone from leaving by threat of a penalty? To accuse the player facing the emergency of being arrogant beggars all belief and says far more about your attitude than it does others. We have no way of knowing what is going on in another players life or circumstance and to presume they must be telling lies simply to stop you winning defies all logic.

I'd like to urge all players to treat these requests favourably and to take them at face value. If it happens with any frequency you might then reach another conclusion but in the meantime – for goodness sake - if some requests to leave LET THEM GO - ITS ONLY A GAME!