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Host Quits

Post by tcalvs »

Was playing a game with Bulldog, Sirus and Isabel. Isabel was hosted and started to lose and wanted to end game and when we would not agree, she quits leaving us stranded. There needs to be a penalty for people doing it as it is ruining the game. I know others have experienced the same thing with other players.

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Re: Host Quits

Post by Dean6417 »

She has the audacity for abusing me.
Some people quit once or twice out of sheer frustration and honestly I don't blame thembut it is not habitual with them,annoying yes but forgivable as most will "fess up" and apologise. But the recidivist quitters, those that do it as a matter of course,(see Sirus's recent post and add Rahul to that list) are the people that stoop to personal abuse as well,these are the ones that Aidan (admin) needs to ban from the game.
Cheers Dean.

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Re: Host Quits

Post by Isabel »

Hi everyone.
First of all. Than you Tara for your comment. I had never been posted anywhere before you wrote. Now I am a star of this week. Its a very interesting feeling. I do not know if you are women or men, actually I do not know anyone I play with. And I do not want to know anyone.
I am playing this game for almost four years. But last three months I have realized that we do not play anymore smartly or to enjoy a game till the end, The focus is to give a Q to the player with the highest score. I have played almost with everyone. And last three month , yes Tara I have quitted at some games, because I was tired. So I am sorry for that because I didnt realized that if i host and I quit all game will be over.So thank you for that..
But you do not know the consequences of this day.. It was the forth game with Buldogg and He gave me the q intentionally... So I quit. But I have a question for you: How many times I had quitted on you before? None? How many times I have been comlaining? None? How many name I have posted? NOne? So please, Let me be... This is a game, not rescue jacket
And if someone wants to play a smart game I will play...

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