No More Posting for me!!

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No More Posting for me!!

Post by tcalvs »

I will not be posting here anymore as it serves no purpose except bring heart ache to all involved. A place for everyone to beat each other and vent out all there frustrations. I have been party to that myself and I am just as guilty as the next guy. Life is too short and precious and I allowed myself to get caught in the rats mess of this forum and caused myself and others grief.
My apologies Butchdude for insinuating you were cheating and starting this shit storm. I look forward to playing those out there who are still willing to play with me.
Blessings Everyone!

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Re: No More Posting for me!!

Post by Butchdude »

Thank you, Tara, for the apology. I am more than happy to play cards with you and most other players if you can tolerate my lack of game skills. I'm not at your level. You are an excellent player. As I said to Ice, what may seem obvious to you, just goes right over my head. That is the truth as is everything I've said here.

You sound very sincere to me and I hope you'll include me in a game whenever you have the opportunity. Thanks, Butchdude.

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