Fair play and making a good set rules

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Fair play and making a good set rules

Postby cenalex67 » Mar 07, 2017

Hi to everybody,
Sorry for my english. I think is good idea to make a fair play set rules. Everyone can make mistakes, I know, but when jeff58 gifted me many Qs when I was the higher( she had many spades back) or stopped me moons 2 times in the same match without a winning strategy ( she was 3rd without any possibility to win) she makes the game frustrating. That happens many times. For example dunc got only to me Qs in many matches without a valid reason. I wont make my personal black list. There are already many players did it and this is not funny. I invite the best players to create a set of rules to follow to make the game more rewarding and also enjoyable for beginners. What do you think about that?

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Re: Fair play and making a good set rules

Postby Butchdude » Mar 08, 2017

A set of specific rules for play is a good idea. Is it OK to play one's hand as the player wishes or must the player always aim for the "low" person? There are many different scenarios that occur as most of us know. Also, some of us are more talented players than others. Ideally, I realize that usually the goal is to gift the "low player" with as many points as possible. And some players can be vindictive and retaliate for actions that they feel have been adverse to them. Also, with the point structure of the game, sometimes it may seem preferable for a player with a lower score to have the highest scoring person win the game so that fewer points are deducted from the player's average. Sometimes, competitiveness, past grievances, etc. can enter into the equation.

Also, there is the question of "being a team player." Does helping another player go against the spirit of the game or is it sometimes considered being a "team player". And when does "being a team player" leave off and other considerations come into play, so to speak? How much discretion does the individual player have in playing his/her hand as he/she sees fit?

Ultimately, I think to answer Alex's question, it may come down to choosing your games carefully and deciding whom you wish to play with and whom you don't. Alex in my experience, is both a very nice person and a very good player. There is, however, a wide spectrum of variances among all the players who are active in this system.

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Re: Fair play and making a good set rules

Postby SunnyCorner » Mar 11, 2017

Both of these posts add to the debate I tried to start in “Its Only a Game”. While the sentiments are noble they are fundamentally flawed. There are a significant number of players in our game who are only interested in cheating, deceiving and abusing others. We have seen it time and again the abuse then directed at those who expose them. To think these people will suddenly decide to play a fairly and act in a decent and respectful way is naïve at best.

The only way to stop it is to NOT PLAY WITH THEM! That gives the strongest message possible that their cheating, deceit and abuse will not be tolerated. Best. Ice

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