Abusive Player

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Abusive Player

Postby tcalvs » Mar 14, 2017

Broke my rule, was not going to post anymore, but abusive players continue. Was playing a game with Empire, Ruff and Rocket when Empire got abusive toward me and yes he has done it in the past. I was the host and wanted to let them keep playing so, I tried to leave as I did not want to play with this abusive player. The rest of the group would not let me leave, which made no sense at all. They told me to quit so, I would lose 50 points, was not going to do that. Gave them multiple opportunity to let me leave and they would not. So, I just stopped playing and system booted me. I just don't understand why players wanted me to play with an abusive player? The whole reason Aidan placed the leave option on the game was for that reason, so people could leave when they needed to; it is just a game after all. There is way too much nastiness in this world for one to take it playing a silly game.

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Re: Abusive Player

Postby Empire » Mar 14, 2017

I told you several times I AM NOT A MAN!!!!!! BTW you are the abusive player.

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Re: Abusive Player

Postby MtnGirl » Mar 22, 2017

Thanks for sharing Tara. It's sad that some people have to ruin a game that can be a lot of fun. :|
Hope to see u on the tables,

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