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Postby Butchdude » Apr 01, 2017

Dean, this will probably be my final response to your garbage. I am a sincere ADULT. You are behaving like an adolescent. When I compliment another player, I give compliments with sincerely and truly admire many of the players and people on this network. Unfortunately, you are NOT one of them. I enjoy playing games with the high scorers because I learn from them and admire their technique and aspire to their level of great play. I ask questions of excellent players and sometimes they help me and I learn from them.

I don't recall ever speaking to you directly nor do I recall "pestering you for a game." In fact, I don't pester anyone for a game. If I see that someone isn't interested, I can take a hint and I respect that also. People may not always want to play with the same people for whatever reasons, strategic, personal. or whatever, and I don't take it personally. In the same way, if I decline a game, I am learning to be more graceful and polite so that I don't offend anyone.

I would think that grandpa lewis would be just the type of player you like. If you were sincere about exposing multiple alias users, why don't you expose Shakirafan? Instead, you applaud him and welcome him to your group. And you call me a "two-faced hypocrite?" Look in the mirror, Dean. You welcome bullies to your inner circle. I have no further interest in a game in which you are a player. Dean, you wouldn't recognize a person with good character if a saint was presented to you.

I don't interfere in other people's lives but I do speak up when people are detracting from the excellent game experience that this network provides. Cheers, Butchdude

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