Barely is Back as Juicey

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Barely is Back as Juicey

Postby tcalvs » Apr 04, 2017

I found out tonight after some unfortunate slandering and nasty, abusive behavior Barley is back as Juicey; Iceman you were right. I have included two screen shots showing!
Aidan, please rid us of this character. He is talking about my address and phone number again and how is bends me out of shape. Not worth entering the forum to play to then get abused. We live in a dark world and I don't need to deal with it in a game.

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Re: Barely is Back as Juicey

Postby SunnyCorner » Apr 05, 2017

Accuumulating more names again - now playing as YeahCmon - be warned.


Best. Ice

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Re: Barely is Back as Juicey

Postby Butchdude » Apr 12, 2017

Aidan, I don't know how you can allow this piece of excrement to continue to harass people attempting to enjoy this game. In the lobby today, "it" made obscene comments about me and other slanderous remarks. Is this what you want on your game network?

There are others such as Shakirafan who may be good players but who are duplicitous, liars, scammers, etc. And those who have multiple aliases shouldn't be here as well. Those with multiple aliases are not playing in good faith and have convoluted schemes in mind.

With a serial offender such as "juicy", "it" ought to be removed immediately. Butchdude

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Re: Barely is Back as Juicey

Postby Aidan » Apr 15, 2017

I've banned him and some of the others mentioned.

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