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Recovering old user files and preferences

Posted: Apr 23, 2013
by Aidan
For those who have no players and wish to play network games in GrassGames' Hearts or GrassGames' Cribbage again see this page.

See here for information on how to restore your old users and preferences within the game if you have lost them.

Re: Recovering old user files and preferences

Posted: Mar 20, 2016
by Aidan
For those looking to get back their awards or statistics:

Since version 2.80, there is an awards transfer feature now in the awards screen to allow for transferring of awards from one app to another.

It will work for different apps on the same Computer, iPad or iPhone device. It can also be used from one computer system to another, but not across different iPads or iPhones.

It's principally designed for people upgrading the Lite or Trial versions to the Full version.

It should help in these problems in the future, but there's no way to use it to get awards earned in older versions than 2.80 alas.

All statistics are also transferred with the awards.