Quick Attention Needed From Aidan.

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Quick Attention Needed From Aidan.

Postby Linux Vista » Jun 24, 2017

I've been one of your oldest and loyal customer since DAY 1. I've been here since 2009 or 2010 or so. Something like that.

Been buying tons of versions of your apps and softwares and programs and tons of coins too. I am very affected by The 2008 Economy Crisis. I wouldn't say I'm poor BUT I am living near poverty. GrassGames' is my escape.

I don't care about 90 % of my money that I've wasted on you. Two purchases made me boil.

I've bought tons of coins on that. First. I was cut off for two years because of the late upload of an iOS version. You left me cold turkey since I didn't have enough dough to get the PC or Mac VERSION. Whatever. Been playing for only a few measly months than you decided to create a new version not compatible with my version and The New iOS version only in FULL VERSION. So. Bye - Bye to nearly 3000 coins of mine.

You've said that you will make up buy giving me a code. I've e - Mailed you and messaged you and posted you a million times. You are still ignoring me. There goes another two years. Almost.

Attention needed. Please guide me until everything is okay. All e - Mails that you've associated with me and to me are no longer. Please contact this e - Mail instead. tbctbdtba@gmx.com . TBA TBD TBC .

Currently. All my portables including tablets and smartphones are all broken. All of the things are all like that.

Like I've said it is financially unwise for me to get a new smartphone or a new tablet or a new desktop or a new laptop and all new things like that.

So I am currently using my ancient ultraportable. Let's hope it does not explode within the next few weeks or so. LoL. I am willing to except any fact if your promised version will last me until 1st Of January 2020 MidNight.

Please. Aidan. Please.

The details.
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Re: Quick Attention Needed From Aidan.

Postby SunnyCorner » Jun 25, 2017

In support of Linux - he really doesn't look well.............

Regards. Ice

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