Direct X Error -- Please Fix -- Causes an Error

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Direct X Error -- Please Fix -- Causes an Error

Postby trentheart » Nov 12, 2017


I occasionally play hearts on my windows 10 machines and at the end of the game it says "Direct X Error". Anyhow, I continue to occasionally get banned for quitting and I always finish the game and the scores are all registering on my profile. I was just banned for the third time again today so have lost 150 points because if this programming error. Anyways, your quitting algorithm is somehow getting confused when I play the game on a windows 10 PC. Can you please look into it and remove this algorithm until you get it fixed. I just finished a game with Destinee etc and the score posts and shows in my profile and scores but somehow your banning algorithm thinks I quit that game. >I suspect it is because of the direct x error

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