What Makes Ice So Special Than The Rest Of Us? Why Is He The Only Mod?

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Re: What Makes Ice So Special Than The Rest Of Us? Why Is He The Only Mod?

Post by billy »

I decided months ago not to spend too much time posting on the forum. However your posting has made me change my mind.
I took a chance and accepted your invitation to play yesterday. I was aware of your previous but was prepared to play. Some people do change, and I was prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt. Big mistake ! You haven't changed. The game was fine with both you and I way in front of other two.
However you then took the Q and a handful of hearts and when it was your turn to play you refused to continue. After a few minutes we were told that you, the host, had left, so lucky you, didn't lose any points. You went straight back to forum, as did I and you invited me again. When I questioned it, you said Brunello had quit, not you, lol. Yeah very funny. If Brunello had quit a bot would have appeared. I hope others read this and understand and heed Ice's warnings. Unfortunately not many do. Brunello and Saleh D were the other players and your probably safe in as much that this is very much my word against yours in the absence of a screenshot. By an large Ice is doing an excellent job, although I do take your point re two people playing at the same address. I allowed my two grandsons, who were staying with me for a time 2 years ago to play, we were never in same game, but this got picked up. I certainly didn't see it as cheating, but clearly it was a problem and they've stopped playing on here now. Not because it was picked up, but I realised that this game wasn't for youngsters, with all the abuse going around.They swear more than me now !
I would hope you will change your ways. Do you really get any satisfaction of flying ( wasn't you flying squirrel 3 aliases ago) up the leader board by only winning the majority of you games and quitting those you're losing.

regards all Billy

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Re: What Makes Ice So Special Than The Rest Of Us? Why Is He The Only Mod?

Post by SunnyCorner »

Thanks Billy - your observations are most welcome.

If MIJ - dj ango and django and flying squirrel are not DRoseMVP then I look forward to seeing them posting the denial on the forum - that should clear it up........

The final point about 2 players at the same address isn't an issue. There are a number of partnerships on here (for example Moonman and Moonlady) and the way around is honesty. The players I'm talking about are "up front" about the relationship and usually do not play together but if and when they do they inform the others about the connection. The problems arise when they deny knowledge of each other which arouses suspicion and mistrust.

In the meantime I suggest players do heed what I have said and now confirmed by Billy - and give DRoseMVP a miss!

Regards to all. Ice

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