Bitter And Sour?

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Bitter And Sour?

Postby Naisyalam » Dec 04, 2017

I was one of the earliest GrassGames' Hearts player ever. I've lost count but Ive been playing for at least five years. That's at the very least.

Started out as a very small but sweet community has turned out sort of vile now. A lot of people has turned bitter and taking things way to seriously. There is no fun and relaxed atmosphere anymore.

Now it looks like tyranny more than ever. Absolutists everywhere. Lead by one lord supreme of dictatorship hood whatever. Very OPPRESSIVE. Lots of fascism.

Aidan seems to be giving up on everything and has given almost all of the power to Ice.

I don't want to name names but he has also turned a lot of very lovely people basically into him. Marekjoz. dunc. Beach. Dean6417. BFLOBILL. JFDAL. SpanishKate.

Not all but a lot of users have refused to play with lowered rating folks. Very uptight and too competitive.

Long long time ago I have been in The Top Ten a few times and was one with the highest rankings ever. Due to miscommunication with Aidan and overall everyday problems I have been absent one time just for a few months and my ratings and infos have gone back to basics just like in the beginning.

Ice. If you are still somewhat decent do not take harsh actions towards people like me or tattle stuff to Aidan and just take this as one constructive criticism.

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Re: Bitter And Sour?

Postby Dean6417 » Dec 04, 2017

I do resent the inference and the innuendos that attach itself to "labelling" the writer Naisyalam has forwarded. 1. I reject invites by several players simply because of unpleasant experiences with them during games or "conversations" in the foyer.
Now and again I will refuse to play with some that are such poor quality layers it is a night spoiled by playing.
Others are just hypocritical of play that doesn't conform to their game plan and abuse attends.
The latter is the main reason I choose not to play with some players. Abuse.
Finally, I deeply resent the inference that Iam "weak" enough to be led/ converted by any man (in this case Iceman) to such a degree I have become oppressive and dictatorial
I have always been like that- no external influences needed.
Having said all that, I do wonder what the criteria is for moderator is.
The ability to sit In the foyer ala Ice, marekjoz and
others;like Crows on a telegraph pole waiting to swoop on any passerby that may be lagging behind the herd?
In the meantime, enjoy the games you do play, don't put up with abuse and we f necessary walk from the game
Cheers have a G'day mate.

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