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Re: New to All This

Postby billy » Dec 29, 2017

Marek, definitely not you, and I'm sure you never would. It would be easier to name culprit, but prefer to chat to him first to give him a chance to defend himself.

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Re: New to All This

Postby marekjoz » Dec 29, 2017

I have witnessed it myself and also from a "top player". It happened a few times already in different circumstances and followed by different explanations. It always happened however after explosion of emotions:
- he was leading almost the whole game and in the last round he just received qs making him not win
- he observed the next time a kind of incompetence of another player, who should with him chase the low, but instead had not enough skills and made another serious mistake

It is rarely personal, just a sign of weakness and helplessness. Every game is another history, after which only conclusions remain and emotions disappear.

There are well known quitters here and since I stopped playing with them, quitting during a play is a very rare occurence...
Sadly - a list for it is required ;-(

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Re: New to All This

Postby pmath1 » Dec 29, 2017

Thank you for responding SunnyCorner. I have no desire to argue or debate. I don't know you and - key to our discussion - you don't know me. I acknowledge that you have every right to be skeptical. I assume you would acknowledge that I have every right not to answer your questions. Does that somehow make me worthy of disparagement?

I started playing because I like the game and want to get better. Almost immediately, you - an internet stranger to me - repeatedly asked for my physical location. Is it reasonable that a newcomer might not want to answer that question? I believe it is not only reasonable but appropriate. Yet I became the subject of ridicule. Is that in the best interests of the group?

"No-one is "stalking" anyone or name calling" You published a record you have maintained of my supposed locations. Multiple times now you have called me a fraud, a cheat, dodgy and secretive. Do you now deny it? To any reasonable person that is stalking and name calling.

" constantly change your IP and the flag does not match." So if I access the internet from home one day, work another, Starbucks another, then from home again, and from time to time while on a trip that is not only somehow unacceptable but is a good reason to suspect that I'm a fraud? And if a person chooses any flag other than the one corresponding with their IP address they are a cheat? Is it reasonable that a person might choose a flag because it represents their homeland, or their ancestry, or a place they like or recently visited, or because they like the colors, or for any frivolous reason whatsoever? And for the person who does such things, is their only remedy to disclose their personal information to you? Think about it. If such a person were a fraud, wouldn't they be quite likely to answer you and continue to deceive rather than stay silent?

"I suggest you offer an explanation and stop your whining" I believe I have provided a detailed explanation. I'll leave it to others to decide if what I'm doing is whining. I'll state again clearly, I have one and only one username and have never quit on a game. I'm guessing you have some ability to verify that and could confirm that to the group if you chose to. It's only been a month, but I plan to continue playing. The passage of time will only make it clearer. As that happens, perhaps you will reconsider your methods. Marekjoz explained your motivation, I understood it and am thankful to have the information. I can see how that would benefit the group. But in your zeal to expose fraud, will legitimate newcomers continue to be acceptable collateral damage or will you consider a change to your approach?

Happy New Year SunnyCorner. I wish you peace and prosperity.

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