Points for winning

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Points for winning

Postby king101 » Jan 26, 2018

King 101 here. I won two games today on network games. (today is 1/26/2018). I received 1 point for each win which now puts me at 2983. I lost 300 points when I was overseas for 3 months.
Can you explain the points system. ?? I understood that you received 1 pt just for playing, but 1 point for winning??
This is only important because it does mean something to other players and tough to get a game when they look at you score (I don't want to play with a rookie??). In any case, my email address is DrRtc@gmail.com .
I am only to glad to hear from you or anyone that has this problem with the points. I have won 23.8% of games played and less than 12% of time come in 4th.

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Re: Points for winning

Postby SunnyCorner » Jan 27, 2018

Try this link. http://www.grassgames.com/network/calc/index.html

It should demonstrate how the weighting system works. Regards. Ice

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