Fairmont Flooring

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Fairmont Flooring

Postby Spartan » Feb 19, 2018

Just quit a game while losing

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Re: Fairmont Flooring

Postby SunnyCorner » Feb 19, 2018

Fairmont Flooring is also known as Alberro.

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Re: Fairmont Flooring

Postby marekjoz » Feb 24, 2018

Today it happened again it the middle of the game with Bingo and Dead Head.
He dissapearred for good. No explanation provided.

This clarifies his status for good (for me at least).

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Re: Fairmont Flooring

Postby Alberro » Mar 17, 2018

fairmont flooring is al berro i change my name to my store name
i am so sorry mark i di not mean to quite my internet was problem from the weather before frozen line the line has been replace
if i loose or win its sport game we play many time i never quit before you no that
thank you for understanding :roll:

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