Happy Endings Abuser and Liar

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Happy Endings Abuser and Liar

Postby TazTaz1992 » Feb 23, 2018

Dear all,

I have just finished a game with Happy Endings, ejkemnitz and Carlottabell. After winning the game, Happy Endings accused me of cheating using some sort of app. This is of course groundless drivel. I am struck nonetheless by his poor sportsmanship and vulgar language.

I warn others to watch out for him: winning = cheating in the deluded world of Happy Endings.

All best wishes,

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Re: Happy Endings Abuser and Liar

Postby JoJo53 » May 11, 2018

Google the alias Happy Ending.

I can add to the list of complaints above happily :-)

In addition to Happy Endings (or his other aliases) being a QUITTER which I have experienced on many occasions and a LIAR, first hand experience with that one; He also was HACKING our INTERNET CONNECTION causing a disconnect. I verified via my internet provider and we were advised to upgrade the security of my internet connection. AFTER DOING THE UPGRADE I no longer have disconnects when I get into a game with this UnHappy Little Feller and he cannot bash me in the lobby saying I quit because he knows I'm onto him. Another thing to be aware of are his personal assaults based on lies and his sour delusional outlook on life. It is so sad to have someone in the game like Happy Endings and even worse to see that he is at a high level #8.

Sad to you Happy Endings....I am sorry for whatever hardships you have endured to become so UNHAPPY.


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