Scoring, scores and games

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Scoring, scores and games

Postby king101 » Apr 02, 2018

Most of these games, I feel, are played for relaxation and time on the computer when we are not working. Relationships form, some on the basis of chat and others on the way of play and similarity of culture. There are "dirty" ways that are not against the rules and the common decency of chat is often ignored. Alliances form. However, we face a much more insidious form of prejudice now. That is "the SCORE". I would like to give three examples how this becomes injurious to the players. I travel a great deal with a medical organization. Often to areas where there is no Wi Fi. I have come back to find that I have "lost" 300 to 600 points. That is injury number one. Effect only on me. However, when trying to get a game on the Network, people look at your score since how many points they win or lose depends on mine. Effect on all. And lastly, as I stated above, this is a cultural melange where we are mixing electronically. It feels like high school when you were the last taken for the team. Effect on all.

I suggest that scoring could be done with just our games, % won, % 2 and 3, % lost with total games. Also, put the results of all the avatar games up. Get rid of a system that causes people to become excoriated and shunned like they belong to a leper colony. Before my last trip, I was ranked at 100. Now I am at 213. If I play and lose a game with someone with a lower score, I lose 10. I can see why no one with a high score wants to play with those of us with leprosy of the score. AIDEN--HELP. Comments and suggestions from others appreciated.

King 101 aka Roger Crenshaw, MD.

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