Kirkwood quit at the end

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Kirkwood quit at the end

Postby cenalex67 » Apr 22, 2018

I m very sorry to write this. I won a match with pbar, TIG and Kirkwood (but this isnt important) when at the end he quitted. The game was stuck. I can see he never (repeat) never says "Wd" to the winner when he lose but he often quits at the end after final sound. This time , I think, he quitted before the sound. I know that can happen but I think this is not ok for You Kirkwood. Sorry

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Re: Kirkwood quit at the end

Postby marekjoz » Apr 22, 2018

Yesterday beachbum and now this?

We know it happened to you before too. You know how it works. Is the ranking score really worth it?

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