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Don't visit the forum much but noticed some posts about Kirkwood. I think it will be hard to beat mine. In a game with Lukeyhob, HowCoolisThat and Kirkwood. HowCoolisThat moons as he has no heart. Kirkwood goes off about how could someone not pass a heart and it was directed at me but that is not the real point. What was funny/ironic is that it ended up he was the one that had not passed a heart and allowed Cool to moon. He took no responsibility and just went on Whining about something else.

It was very pathetic but also funny at the same time. I play for fun and have added Kirkwood to the no play list. I am sure he will respond with something inaccurate and derogatory but I think based on past performance you can figure out what is accurate.

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Re: Kirkwood

Post by billy »

Well I agree with you 110% !!
Always whining and always quick to blame others for his own mistakes.
I was in a game with him and Bulldog and one other. I passed Bulldog 10 of hearts. I was on 95. Bulldog was well on the way to a moon, having taken the Q and lead his 10 of hearts. I was reluctant to play the Jack as it would put me on 99. Kirk the jerk, was last to play and could have played his Ace. Bulldog got the moon and I was questioned about my pass and not using my Jack. That ended the game.
So like you, I won't be playing him again.

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Re: Kirkwood

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I haven't played for several months.
I really got tired of the bickering, the cheating, the idiotic behaviour of certain people in the lobby and the arrogance of others. FUN???
I must admit, that I feel justified in not playing and all this, all meaning the usual suspects being named and shamed on the forum reaffirms my decision not to renew my subscriptions when they become due.
I will miss some of you and to those i wish you well ,to the others,particularly those poor blighters that sit in the lobby for hours questioning the rights of some to play the game and others who offer tutorials, please leave your arrogance at the door, play with whomever you choose, but stop being judge and jury and get a life.
Cheers Deano.

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Re: Kirkwood

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Dean, even though you and I have had our differences at times, we also had seemed to mend fences while you were still playing. I wish you the best and you are so right about the "arrogance" of some and those who attempt to be "judge and jury." Yes, those individuals need to "get a life." I hope Aidan will review carefully who he entrusts with monitoring this Hearts network and conclude that he needs new monitors who are fair, not bigoted, and don't have delusions of grandeur.

I hope that you may decide to return to Hearts because you are a very good player

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