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Ringo - Peace and Love - Riddler

Postby SunnyCorner » May 25, 2018

This is an update on a post by slothcat from October 11th 2017 concerning the host quitting and slothcat losing points.

The host was AB Normal – my response then was:
“AB normal - I've been wondering about for a while. He was winning an unprecedented 50% of his games which has never been achieved before as far as I know - maybe this is how he's doing it - by hosting and quitting before the end? I have also found him using another identity Ringo Rinfrit (IP and guess what - he's currently winning 50% of his games! Of course I got the usual denials followed by abuse when I called him out.”

I can now add 2 more identities to the list,

AB Normal – now dropped out of top 500
Ringo Rinfret – still active
Peace and Love – still active
Riddler – still active - they are all the same player.

Of course the same denials - then the abuse - then blaming me – we've heard it all before! We can see from slothcats original post how these multi-namers are costing decent players points and undermining the game – advice remains the same – don't play with them! Regards. Ice

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