another quitter

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another quitter

Postby SunnyCorner » Jun 21, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 10.56.19.png
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Re: hsilop another quitter

Postby SunnyCorner » Oct 19, 2018

Just posting this for clarity as hsilop is claiming that this is phoney.
Everyone can see by the scores (top right of the screenshot) that the game is not yet ended but there is only one point left outstanding.
I have 22 + the 22 there already which will make my final score 44.
Tim has 54.
biri has 60.
hsilop has 98 + 2 points so he has in fact already lost.
There is one point left to award but it won't alter that result.

The host got disconnected and hsilop immediately quit.

His excuse is that he doesn't play with bots - but the game was effectively already over.

I was robbed of my win and those points lost by hsilops selfish act. I'd be grateful if he would STOP bad mouthing me about it and take responsibility for what he did!
Regards to all. Ice

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