Giver69 and Onapar

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Giver69 and Onapar

Postby cenalex67 » Jul 08, 2018

I begin to suspect that Giver69 and Onapar are one person and a cheater. Too many times i can see "they" play togheter. 2 days ago Ice informed me that they had same IP. Today I met "they" togheter again! I asked to leave match but "they" didnt agree to leave the match. What can we do? Thanks
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Re: Giver69 and Onapar

Postby onapar » Jul 10, 2018

It is a known fact that giver69 is my son and i never deny it. We play each other with the same vigor as any one else with no quarter given or taken I play to win as he plays to win. As for the same ip true also for the last 2 months living with me till he and his wife found a new home 1800 miles from me so no longer same ip so there now you have it and if anyone does not believe me too bad.

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