dumping and ducking JFDAL

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dumping and ducking JFDAL

Postby beachbum » Jul 20, 2018

anyone else getting tired of playing with this guy all he does is duck and dump never tries for low, will never play with him in another game

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Re: dumping and ducking JFDAL

Postby Dean6417 » Jul 20, 2018

Hi Beachbum,
I gave him/her up a few weeks ago, Spartan is another.JFDAL though is one that also thinks it "fun" to leave the second the last card is played id he isn't the winner.
He has been called out before on this but "spits the dummy" (Aussie for throws a tantrum) when exposed.
BTW, I gave this game up a few months ago for almost 5 months, came back to have a game,and not one thing has changed :same cheaters, same frauds,s same multiple alias cheats and apparently the same general cheats.
Cheers, we have to catch up for a game soon.Dean

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