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Postby DUKE » Sep 11, 2013

:?: I had hosting preveliges for abrief time on old network, and then it vanished as quick as it came .... any ideas on how to restore it?

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Re: Hosting

Postby unsain » Sep 18, 2013

While I periodically try, I have never been able to host a game. It would appear that there are many others that have the same problem. I have a high speed ISP where there is 10 MBS download and 3 MBS upload speeds. I have to enter the game and wait for someone to enter the site, host a game, and hope that they will either accept my request to play or invite me to play. What do I have to do to be able to host? Thanks

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Re: Hosting

Postby Aidan » Dec 18, 2013

See the Opening Ports for Network Games thread - there are some suggestions there to try out.

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