Sincere statement from the heart for Hearts game...

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Sincere statement from the heart for Hearts game...

Postby Riddler » Oct 20, 2018

I want to make a statement to clarify a misunderstanding once for all.

Now that I’m in the first place of the leaderboard, there’s some people who think I’m cheating or frauding.
At somepoint, I can understand them.

The Venerable Iceman started these rumors a few months ago after checking, as all of you too someday, my username vs my IP.
He found then, that I have multiple usernames.
He was true.
What’s the problem with that?
I’m surely not the only one who did that.
Those others usernames aren’t active anymore since I haven’t play them for many months ago.

Now, let me explain why I had so many usernames.

When I began to play on this site for the very first time ever in the summer 2017, during a game I had a solid argument with somebody who was angry on me about my way of playing. It wasn’t nice to see. Using both abusive language.

I had some regrets after. I should have contain myself.

I decided then to start on a new username with a clean reputation.

But samething happened again with the other username.

I realize that I can’t help it to change other’s bad habits.

It took me a 4th username (Ridldler, my only one active now, I can assure you) to fully change my behaviors with opponents players who insult me in a game.

I don’t reply with anger anymore but with more subtlety.

So, if I had so many usernames at a time, obviously it wasn’t for bad intentions.
I didn’t think that can cause so suspicious.
I’m sorry for that.

And now about my high score.

I have a lot of experience playing this game since I played thousand of games on other sites for about 15 years.

I truly love this game and I can tell you, this site, despite its flaws, is by far the most serious of all with truly very good players and a vast majority of nice persons, including Iceman that i’m apologize having a rude discusiion with him, a few months ago.

I sincerely hope you will understand my point that I can continue playing with peace of mind and no more ambiguity on my person.

Best Regards to all.


P.S. : Sorry for my imperfect english, I’m asking all of you to be indulgent.
I’ m a French Canadian.

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Re: Sincere statement from the heart for Hearts game...

Postby SunnyCorner » Oct 21, 2018

This seems fair enough to me - its a reasonable explanation and I have no reason to doubt its sincerity. I'd be happy to play with him now we have the truth.

Just a couple of points - I didn't start rumours - I told the truth - multiple names and no explanation + abuse when asked.

You ask what is wrong with multiple names. We had experience on here of a player with over 50 names. He was a serial quitter and ruined 100s of games. He also used those aliases to target players he didn't like. No attempt to win - simply stopping the target player - and if he couldn't do that he'd quit.

There are still several multi-namers playing - mostly their details are on the forum.

There is also the issue of playing yourself in the same game - which we also have experience of on here - blatant cheating to inflate a score and/or target rival players.

The answer is to be honest. I want to know who I'm playing with - there is nothing sinister or paranoid about that - its based on direct experience from what we have seen in the game. It is now mostly stamped out but we still get occasional triers. Those exposed are still around - they are usually the ones that are abusive - particularly to me.

If you tell the truth often enough - you're to be found out in the end.

Regards to all. Ice

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