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Posted: Nov 14, 2018
by moonstopper
Beachbumb QUITS!!!!!!!!!! Be warned-BEACHBUM

Re: Quitters-Beachbum

Posted: Nov 15, 2018
by beachbum
I have never quit a game since starting to play, just do not like playing with computer like so many others

Re: Quitters-Beachbum

Posted: Nov 15, 2018
by beachbum
please tell me how I quit when we agreed to end the game after someone left

Re: Quitters-Beachbum

Posted: Nov 15, 2018
by Dean6417
Absolute rubbish! Beachbum has never quit once in the 4 years I have played her .
I will play with bots only if the score is in the 90's and it is unfair to pull-out because a genuine quitter has quit, otherwise, no bots.
It isn't the quitters so much as the same old players who get offended if you don't let them win,the duckers who are offended when they are caught out and expect to be allowed to win at the expense of a player who has played within the spirit of the game ;Iceman take notice, or the idiot players like Hsilop that has a single tactic: target specific players and keep leading spades .Or there is Snarts and a whole mob just like him/her;pass the Qs or the Ace/King spades and just keep leading spades and think that is in the spirit of the game:That is when I walk, I refuse to play with morons and waste my time.Then I would rather play the bots period,
The game itself is rubbish nowadays with a glut of 2 suits shared between two players almost every hand. How many times does a player have to have to have 6-7 of anything with only one player having the rest of that suit before the algorithms change from one to the other pair,total nonsense.
The game appears to be "free" these days, so I suppose you get what you pay for.
However, back to Beachbum, a good player,temperamental but no quitter.!
Here's a tip, establish the game rules before you play and then there is no misunderstanding.

Re: Quitters-Beachbum

Posted: Nov 16, 2018
by SunnyCorner
Beachbum has never quit in any game I've been in either.

On the topic of the "spirit the game" the issue is who decides what that is?

Many have tried to give some definition but I recall they are usually shouted down and accused of being arrogant!

Regards to all. Ice

Re: Quitters-Beachbum

Posted: Nov 16, 2018
by billy
I totally agree with Dean and Ice. One of the few people, on this site, you feel comfortable with and guaranteed a good, friendly and fair game.

If you wanted to define " spirit of the game ", then sportsmanship and reasonable manners would fit in somewhere.
However many only play to win at all costs, and will quit to avoid losing,
Others turn to arrogance, abuse and intimidating remarks in an attempt to put you on the back foot.
Others need an explanation every time you play a card.

The bots issue ! If all remaining 3 agree to end, no problem. So many times the remaining last placed 2 see it as an ideal opportunity to end, to the understandable disapproval of the likely winner.