~ Ramy Quits ~

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~ Ramy Quits ~

Postby Naisyalam » Nov 28, 2018

Something wrong with the connection either from my side or from The GrassGames' Server's Side. So the games and my passes were lagging. Just by one second or two seconds though. I am never a quitter. Still the same at present time and that will never change. Ever. Ramy has asked for the game to end but the majority has denied his request. So he has decided to quit. You know that ninety percent of the time when the host quits the game stucks. So that has really happened.

I have always wished for a refresh BUTTON so that the game could be unstuck. TERESA has followed Ramy's ways. Cannot blame her though. IGGY THE COOL ROOKIE and I have agreed to continue until the end so that the two would get punished. What could we do though? The game has stuck for good. This always happens to me when I am winning and leading by a mile way in front of all of the other players.


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