Mauroo another quitter

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Mauroo another quitter

Postby beachbum » Dec 08, 2018

tired of all these quitters and Aidan does nothing about it, this game is becoming to sorry Apple needs to know

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Re: Mauroo another quitter

Postby SunnyCorner » Dec 09, 2018

Its disappointing that the quitting and the abuse are still featuring in the game but I don't think its fair to blame Aidan. The responsibility sits squarely with those that continue to do it.

The system is designed to punish those that continue to quit by a loss of points and eventually a ban for a short period. However, for that to work the game must be completed - which will mean playing with the bot that replaced the quitter. If the remaining players choose to end the game the quitter gets away with it.

The system also can't distinguish between quitters and issues such as a power outage.

Aidan has banned the most serious abusers but the low level nonsense continues with players like Fathersday and Tartuffo and I'm sure there are others.

As I've posted many times before the only effective way to stop it is to NOT play with them.

Regards to all. ICE

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