So long and thanks for all the fish

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So long and thanks for all the fish

Postby pmath1 » Dec 24, 2018

Just a note to say farewell and thank you as I plan to finish out my time playing Hearts online in the coming week. I started playing in December 2017. It has been an interesting learning experience and a very fun year. I had never played Hearts (or anything) online before so there was a pretty steep learning curve. Many thanks to all who were willing to give me a game, especially in the first few months. I received helpful instruction from people like FathersDay and suffered quite a few beatdowns from the Captain. Over time, I gradually began to realize that this was more of a puzzle to be solved than a card game. With that mindset, my win percentage began to grow. I'll never be a great Hearts player, but it was rewarding to go from novice to some level of competent over the course of the year. Now the busyness of life is requiring that I reorder my priorities a bit so I'll bring it to a close. Shout out to JMFA who started on the board the same time I did. For the awhile we could only get games against each other. And thanks to Claire, CJ, Eden, Eugene, Iggy, Destinee, Page, Chi, Sommer, Down, Caper, Polish, Mahmoud, Rami, Joyous, Lee, Prairie, Liz, Giver and Paola for many great games. And a special shout out to McCormick2, always a delight, for sharing her humor and a bit of her life. Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas!

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