Game frozen

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Game frozen

Postby JMFA » Dec 30, 2018

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Re: Game frozen

Postby SunnyCorner » Jan 01, 2019

There is certainly something very wrong here.
The requests are for jmfa to pass but there are cards on the table already?
Two of the cards on the table - 3C and AD - are still in jmfa's hand?
Despite appearing to have led the QS - jmfa still has 13 cards in his hand?
It looks like its Paola's turn to play?

I think I'd reinstall the app - did anyone save the game log?

Regards to all. Ice

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Re: Game frozen

Postby Dean6417 » Jan 01, 2019

I played a game with Jmfa a couple of days ago and he appeared to have left the game, however, he was a shoe in for the game unless something drastic happened he was so far in front.Doubt he quit in those circumstances.

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