I think it's time to end the ratings system...

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I think it's time to end the ratings system...

Postby GLEN » Jan 05, 2019

...because it discourages some players from playing.

There are many higher-rated players who won't play with lower-rated players because, if they lose to them, they lose several points; whereas if they win, the only gain a point.

New players to the site start at 1500, I believe. This system makes it hard for them to get a game with anyone but other new players (and those, like myself, who don't care about their ratings, and are just looking for a good game.) It will take many, many games for a new player, no matter how skillful, to get their ratings high enough to be invited to play by these higher-ranked players that are concerned about their rating.

Perhaps instead of the current system, with it's strange algorithm, players could be ranked by their Win Percentage, taken out to a few decimal places. This would give players some idea of others' skill level, even if they haven't played many games.

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Re: I think it's time to end the ratings system...

Postby Butchdude » Jan 05, 2019

You have some interesting suggestions, Glen. By the way, you are one of the real gentlemen on this GrassGames network.

However, there are other considerations. I suspect some of the highest level players enjoy competing against themselves and being Number 1 is a real badge of honor. There is nothing wrong with this. I would probably feel the same way if I were that accomplished a player. Different players have different ways of viewing their participation here. Some just like the game. Some are very competitive. For some, it's a game of wits.

Another issue some other players and I myself have speculated about is whether the cards dealt are truly random or whether those with lower levels sometimes get a break with a really good hand. I don't know the answer to this.

Also, in some sports, players get a handicap. Is that what happens here? I don't know.

It is a real problem though that new players are struggling to get included in games. And also, it is understandable that many players, like myself, are struggling to hold onto their levels with all the great players here. The top 40-50 are very closely clumped together as to their level.

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Re: I think it's time to end the ratings system...

Postby rocketron66 » Jan 06, 2019

Hi Glen
.....from my point it's not so much lower ratings that are problematic but Host players using the end/quit option just before the game ends,that said I have to participate with player HOSTS who I know will see the game out to the very end. But I do sympathise with the present situation.

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