Two quitters and one abuser-

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Two quitters and one abuser-

Postby Voodoo » Feb 11, 2019

Played in a game today with Verde, Wiley Coyote, and Iggytackle. It was not a pleasant game. Early talking back & forth between Verde and Iggytackle. Nothing crazy, but you could tell they weren't fond of each other. As the game progressed, Iggy felt Verde was targeting him with the Queen of Spades. Then the game really slowed down late as the two of them were non-stop talking back & forth. Iggy was verbally abusive, Verde was not - just kind of sticking up for themselves. Wiley Coyote got fed up and left. Then Iggy quit as well. Here's one pic I took of Iggy being abusive towards Verde.
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